The WSST Documents govern and guide this organization's decision making process.

  1. The Strategic Plan  ( Revised 2013 ) 
  2. The Constitution The constitution should be a concise and lasting document. Changing the constitution should require a vote by the full membership of WSST.
  3. The By Laws
    The bylaws will be a guide to direction of policy. Changing the bylaws should require a vote by the Board of Directors of WSST.
  4. WSSTPolicies 2014.pdf
    The policies will be the actions of committees, task forces and ad hoc committees. Policies are set by budget considerations. Policies shall be considered valid unless changed by majority vote of a subgroup of WSST with the consent of the officers.
  5. Position Statement   
6.  Meeting Minutes



WSST is the largest membership organization in Wisconsin focused on the advancement of science education.

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WSST is a non-profit membership organization, 192 Depot Road, Cambridge WI 53523

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